Top things to do in Hanoi with kids (Part 2)

Top things to do in Hanoi with kids (Part 2)
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The busy streets and hectic traffic in Hanoi make it less than child-friendly, but don’t let that put you off: the city offers many activities that children will enjoy. Here are the next activities with kids you might want to consider during a stay.

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Ethnology museum

Dragging your kids around a museum to learn about Vietnamese history is not as boring as it sounds. A visit to Ethnology museum will definitely give you a thorough understanding of the lifestyle of Vietnamese lives. Your kids will be educated and interested in a unique selection of displays inside the museum.

Ethonology museum is home to hundreds of house models of over 50 ethnical group in Vietnam. Further, thousands of historical objects, agriculture tools, photos and clothing collection belong to over 50 ethnic groups are exhibited here. This museum opens daily at 8 a.m and closes at 5:30 p.m except Mondays with the ticket at 2$.

Ethnology Museum

Cyclo Ride

Taking a cyclo ride around the old quarter will be an unforgettable experience of your trip to Hanoi. In the disorderly traffic of the city, cyclo drivers still have their way to move slowly enough so that you can catch the beauty of the whole 36 old famous streets. Instead of taking your eyes on kids all day out, just take a comfortable seat with your kids on a cyclo and observe the local life. However, do not get on the cyclo until you come up with a good price. 150,000 vnd per person an hour is a good deal.

Kinder Park

If you and your family have spent long days on moving around and heading to the landscapes, Kinder park will be a refreshing place for your kids. Located in the campus of Ho Tay Water Park, it is where youngsters deep in the cool water while grown up visitors take rest looking after their kids.There is also an indoor playground offering a plenty of wide open space and a real kids' world. The friendly and helpful staff is also a plus for the top service of Kinder Park. Whenever you are in need, they will be there to assist you.

Kinder Park


tiNiworld is the first recreadtional and educational centre in Vietnam, which offers an extraordinary model of breeding and amusement in parallel. It now becomes an entertaining and intriguing playground for every breed of kids. Your kids will utterly love to come and spend all day here. There are a large number of games and activities for kids from 2 to 12 years old. These activites and classes are designed to help your kids improve their soft skills as painting, team work, cooking, etc. Take your kids to tiNiworld and let them creative and educated.

tiNiworld runs 7 days a week from 9 a.m to 9 p.m and the entrance fee costs only 3$ per child and 4$ on weekends.

Nghia Do Park Playground

Nghia Do Park

Nghia Do Park is a newly established playground in Hanoi with the total area of nearly 50 thousands meters. Coming to Nghia Do park, you little ones will be mesmerised by the natural surrounding while you are laying on grass, taking a deep breath of refreshing atmosphere. It's such an enchanting image for all people after days of hard working.

Take time and plan for a short break in Nghia Do park, you will have another look on the Hanoi's life, it's not busy and noisy anymore.

Opening hours: 6 a.m to 11 p.m.

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