Top things to do to explore Hanoi's autumn

Top things to do to explore Hanoi's autumn
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Autumn is a great time in a year when there is a chill  in the air, the sun is golden and cozy, the leaves light up the trees. So what to do in this autumn in Hanoi?

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Hanoi's autumn

Hanoi’s autumn is famous for green sticky rice, the special aroma of milk flowers and for its typical yellow daisy. It is also considered the season of romance, of literature, and of memories past.

Milk flower in the autumn (via Vitalk)

Autumn makes Hanoi even more beautiful! Waking around Hanoi at dawn in the cool autumn air, tourists will see many bicycles carrying white and yellow daisies from the outskirts to sell inside the city. There are many kinds of flowers in Hanoi’s autumn; they are purchased by various means from simple vendor’s bicycles to mobile trolleys. At a street corner on Ba Trieu-Nguyen Du Street, there are some flower trolleys right on the pavement, and we just need to drop by to get some. Actually, buying flowers in that was is becoming a pleasure familiar to many Hanoians.

Autumn on the ancient streets of Hanoi is just like a sudden moment reminding people of their longing memories. Therefore, in the eyes of Hanoinans, autumn is beautiful but blue!

Things to do in the autumn

Sipping a cup of coffee (via Vietravel)

Watching the early morning streets: It’s really a joy when riding a motorbike with your partner around West Lake. This landscape has become a popular destination to many couples.

Sipping a cup of coffee: Tasting a hot cup of coffee in incipient cold days when the wind picks up and the leaves start to tumble gives you a feeling of cozy. What could be better than a cup of aromatic coffee, sweet but bitter at all once in autumn? Some famous café scenes are located in Nguyen Huu Huan, Trieu Viet Vuong, and Nguyen Du Street, etc.

Enjoying “oc luoc” (boiled snails): Oc luoc is the most famous style of snail cooking. It has an extremely exotic taste. Snails after being boiled with lemongrass, gingers, lime leaves will be served with dipping sauce. Oc luoc has long been considered as a symbol of street food of Hanoi’s autumn. When the cool breeze gives distinctly autumnal feel to the city, it’s hard to resist a bowl of snails steaming with fragrance of gingers, lemongrass, and lime leaves.

Com - specialty of the autumn (via Vinacel)

Soaking in hot pot and steak with friends: Hotpot and steak are at their best in cold season. Gathering around a table, sharing a meal with your family and friends will warm your body when the chill is here.

Trying autumnal snacks: Com lang Vong, dracontomelon fruits are typical snacks that can be found in every street vendors in Hanoi.

Jogging around streets: These chilly autumn days are perfect time to take a stroll around streets to admire the beauty of roads filled with golden leaves, and to smell fragrance of milk flowers.

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